Eat Me!

New album coming March 18, 2016 on AFM Records in Europe & North America.

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Sweet Salvation.  Produced by LA’s metal maniac, Roy Z, this is the album The Last Vegas had tried to make throughout the years w/ our buddy and the timing finally lined up 2014.   Roy wanted to make a ‘raw’ album, and this is down’n’dirty TLV.

Bad Decisions.   The follow-up to TLV’s breakthrough ‘Whatever Gets You Off’, was recorded in TLV’s hometown of Chicago w/ famed rock producer Johnny K.  The Last Vegas holed up in a typically brutal Chicago winter @ Groovemaster Studio for just over 2-months, and had the time to craft a rock album, their way.   A fan favorite, Bad Decisions is your soundtrack to date night, and picking up the pieces the morning after.

Whatever Gets You Off. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA over a period of 1 month and released on Nikki Sixx / Motley Crue’s Eleven Seven Records. A 2-month stadium tour w/ Motley Crue, Hinder, and Theory of a Deadman ensued, and The Last Vegas were a rock radio sensation. Produced by none other than Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and the wildy talented Marti Frederiksen, Whatever Gets You Off is polished Chicago piss’n’vinegar.

The self-titled album, The Last Vegas was recorded in Chicago at Raxx Traxx Studios w/ Turon Yon in 2008. The Last Vegas had just come off 2 years of intense touring across USA, Europe and Canada with singer Chad Cherry, and on this album you can hear the band catching it’s swagger w/ Cherry. Nikki Sixx loved half the tunes on this album, which eventually morphed into 1/2 of Whatever Gets You Off.