“Eat Me” Released Today!

Attention world: Eat Me. Pick up your copy of this masterpiece today from AFM Records Germany, or your favorite streaming service including iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and RubyDon. What even is RubyDon? Who cares. Eat It.

The album reviews have been piling in, and unanimously it’s been decided by critics that yes, this is the worst album cover ever. Yes. We love that.

“Oy, is that horrific, or what? It could very well be the laziest, most ridiculous album cover I’ve seen since 1989.”

“…this album cover will be a laughing stock for the rest of 2016”

“The colourful rainbow artwork might look a bit like hippie-style, but the music is excellent hardrock”

“First thing’s first…just what is with the garish artwork…a rainbow coloured birthday cake with icing lettering…”

The critics are also calling this the best album in TLV’s 10 year career.

“Along For the Ride.” This bitch has fucking teeth like a cornered, wounded animal and will bite, despite the melodic feel to it. And nevermind the AWESOME reference to the Goddess CHER!!

“Eat me” is one of the most thrilling sleaze albums I have listened to during the last couple of years. Check it out.

“There are so many different styles on Eat Me. The band covers overtones from the ’60s with the Beatles-esque “Universe You” to some more ’70s groove-oriented rock with tracks such as “Hot Fudge” and The Faces’ styled “Hard To Get Over You.” The Last Vegas have really done it well.”

“With Eat Me, the band has confidently branched out from the shadows of being another “’80s rock” band and now own their matured sound.”

Seriously Though…

We really had a fun time making this album, and could not of done it without all of our awesome fan’s love and support. Especially everyone who Pledged for the 2nd time, that gave us the funding to actually make the album. Thanks to Chris Laney in Stockholm who mixed the sh$t out of the crazy sessions we sent him. Thanks to AFM Records for believing in the album, and giving it worldwide distribution, so TLV can go out and tour and rock stadiums, coliseums, Olympic arenas, and new places like the Pyramids in Egypt maybe.

Thanks to friends, families, lovers, haters, skaters, roommates, girlfriends, and all our awesome friends and fans across this globe! The only people we don’t love quite as much are those who use the words ‘Sleaze’, ’80s’, ‘Hair’, or ‘Pop Evil’ in Eat Me album reviews. Keep ’em coming, we love to read ’em.

See ya on the road in 2016.

And don’t forget, when someone makes ya mad or the world gets ya down, take a deep breath, reach deep into your being and bellow ‘Eat Me’ at the top of your lungs. Let the world hear your voice.